Registration and data protection policy

Data controller: Finnish Literature Society, Hallituskatu 1, 00171 Helsinki, Finland, Ulla Heiskanen

Data processor: Merja Aho (FILI), Leena Lahti (Luova toimisto La&La)

Database title: Kääntöpiiri translator database

Intended use of personal data: Users’ contact details and cvs are public, with the exception of data that users can choose not to display publicly. Users are responsible for the accuracy of their own data.

Data included in database: first name, last name, email address, country, website, language skills, education, translations, work in progress, sample translations

Confidentiality of client database

Data is stored in the Kääntöpiiri and Gruppo secure database. Translators’ cvs are public by default. Data is provided to third parties only for the purposes of providing the service. Data is not provided to parties outside the EU or EEA. Persons in the database are entitled to inspect data concerning themselves, to request the correction of incorrect data, to refuse the use of data they have supplied and otherwise to rely on their rights granted under the personal data act. Requests in these matters should be sent to .

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