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Laura Pascual Antón





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Finnish, Finnish-Swedish

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Other language skills

English, Finnish, French, German, Irish, Spanish, Swedish


Academic degree

Master's Degree in Translation and Interpreting, Autonomous University of Madrid, 2008 (Translation English/German-Spanish. Finnish language and culture.)
Master's Degree in Spanish Language., Autonomous University of Madrid, 2011 (Spanish language)

Additional subject-specific studies

Non-fiction literature translation, FILI, 2019

Finnish literature for children and young people, FILI, 2018

Finland Swedish literature translation, FILI, 2018

Finnish literature translation, FILI, 2013-2014

Finnish literature online course, University of Jyväskylä, 2009


Interests and specialisation

Fiction, Prose, Literature for children and young people, Crime/detective, Fantasy & science fiction, Non-fiction, Language, Literature, Pedagogy and education, Photography and movies, Sociology, Theatre and dance

List of translations

La clase de conducir. Babelcube, 2015. Original title: The driving lesson by Ben Rehder. Genre: Literature for children and young people. ISBN: 978-1507109007

Monster Nanny: Una niñera muy especial. La galera, 2016. Original title: Mörkövahti by Tuutikki Tolonen. Genre: Literature for children and young people. ISBN: 978-8424656898

Viuda, al fin. Suma de Letras, 2019. Original title: Vihainen leski by Minna Lindgren. Genre: Prose. ISBN: 978-8491292937

Adana. El Desvelo, 2019. Original title: Käyttämättömät tunteet by Rax Rinnekangas. Genre: Prose. ISBN: 978-8494939587

Crochet In & Out. Gustavo Gilí, 2019. Original title: Virkkurin kuosikirja by Molla Mills. Genre: Non-fiction. ISBN: 978-8425231940

El pequeño libro de la mala leche. Plaza & Janés, 2019. Original title: Pieni pahan mielen kirja by Lotta Sonninen. Genre: Non-fiction. ISBN-978-8401023323

Now translating

Pajtim Statovci: Kissani Yugoslavia

I will be pleased to write reader’s reports.

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Karin Erlandsson, The Pearl Fisher

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