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Czech, English, Icelandic, Norwegian, Russian


Academic degree

Bachelor of Arts, University of Greifswald, 2016 (Finnish and Scandinavian Studies)

Additional subject-specific studies
  • currently getting a M.A. in Language Diversity (Finnish and Slavic Studies) from the University of Greifswald
  • beginning translators' course at FILI in 2019
  • translation studies at the University of Tampere in 2015 and 2018
  • CIMO summer course IV in 2014


Interests and specialisation

Fiction, Prose, Literature for children and young people, Fantasy & science fiction, Language, Literature

List of translations

Jedem sein eigener Himmel. Baltic Cultures, 2019. Original title: Omataivas by Suvi Kauppila. Genre: Prose.

Leda (excerpt). Hans Werner Richter-Stiftung, 2019. Original title: Leda by Anu Kaaja. Genre: Prose. (together with Mareen Patzelt)

Yö ja lasi - Gedichte von Harry Salmenniemi. Baltic Cultures, 2018. Original title: Yö ja lasi by Harry Salmenniemi. Genre: Poetry. (selected poems)

Das hässliche Baby. Baltic Cultures, 2018. Original title: Ruma vauva by Liisa Näsi. Genre: Prose.

Die Zehenjungfrau. freiraum-verlag, collection Neue Nordische Novellen VI, 2018. Original title: Varvasneitsyt by Briitta Hepo-oja. Genre: Prose.

Helmi und Loviisa. Reinecke & Voß, collection Neue Nordische Novellen V, 2017. Original title: Helmi ja Loviisa by Jukka Ahola. Genre: Prose.

Valla (Über Macht). Reinecke & Voß, collection Neue Nordische Novellen V, 2017. Original title: Vallasta by Alana Saul. Genre: Prose. (together with Benjamin Schweitzer)

Now translating

"Maanalainen Niili" by Marko Hautala

I will be pleased to write reader’s reports.

Sample translations

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Briitta Hepo-oja, Die Zehenjungfrau

Updated: 4.9.2019