Ilse Winkler


Mother tongue


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German, Romanian

Other language skills

English, French, Moldavan, Romanian


Academic degree

MA Finnish, Greifswald (Germany)/Helsinki (Finland), 2017 (Sillanpää's 'Hurskas kurjuus' and its translations into German)
MA German/English, Timisoara (Romania), 1988 (Comparative linguistics: The word field of 'seeing')

Additional subject-specific studies

Summer language course, CIMO, 2016

Translators' course, FILI, 2017

FILI's mentoring program 2018

Translators' course, Europäische Übersetzer-Akademie Straelen, 2018

Translators' course, Übersetzerhaus Looren, 2019

Translators' course, Literarisches Colloquium Berlin, 2019

Finnish-German translators' course, Rendsburg, 2020

Translators' course, Colloquial language, Stralen 2023


Interests and specialisation

Fiction, Prose, Drama, Literature for children and young people, Comics, Crime/detective, Fantasy & science fiction, Non-fiction, Anthropology, Archeology, Architecture, Art, Art history, Astronomy, Communications, Conservation, Demography, Economics, Geography, History, Industrial art, Language, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Pedagogy and education, Philosophy, Photography and movies, Political science, Psychology, Publishing, Social policy, Sociology, Theatre and dance

List of translations

Conscience. German-Finnish literature yearbook, 2018. Original title: Omatunto by Juhani Aho. Genre: Prose. In the yearbook there has been pubished a fragment.

Toni Nieminen, olympic hero. Audiomaa, 2023. Original title: Toni Nieminen, olympiasankari ja ihminen by Toni Nieminen. Genre: Non-fiction. together with two other translators

Little Mouse 1-6. Cross Cult, 2022, 2023. Original title: Pikku hiiri by Riikka Jäntti. Genre: Children’s picture books.

The Large Blue, Vantaa #1. Rote Katze Verlag Lübeck, 2022. Original title: Sinisiipi by J.P. Pulkkinen. Genre: Prose.

REC. German-Finnish literature yearbook, 2021. Original title: REC by Marisha Rasi-Koskinen. Genre: Prose. In the yearbook there has been pubished a fragment.

Great feelings. Lübbe Verlag, 2022. Original title: Rakkaus haltuun by Dr. Emilia Vuorisalmi. Genre: Non-fiction.

Herder, Finland, Europe., 2021. Original title: Herder, Suomi, Eurooppa by Sakari Ollitervo & Kari Immonen. Genre: Prose.

My father, evacuee from Karelia., 2021. Original title: Isäni, evakko by Jukka-Pekka Pietiäinen. Genre: Prose.

Der unbekannte Kimi Räikkönen. Lübbe, 2018. Original title: Tuntematon Kimi Räikkönen by Kari Hotakainen. Genre: Non-fiction. Together with Gabriele Schrey-Vasara

Lieber Netflix als Bücherlesen. Frankfurter Rundschau, 2. February 2019. Original title: Ope, mitä tarkoittaa toi kuulas? by Tommi Kinnunen. Genre: Non-fiction. Long newspaper article

Himmelsträger. Hans-Werner-Richter-Stiftung, 2016. Original title: Taivaankantaja by Riikka Pelo. Genre: Prose. Translated together with a group of other students

Die Kreislinge. Rounders Entertainment, 2017. Original title: Ympyräiset by Mari Korkeamäki. Genre: Children’s picture books.

Das Russlandhaus. Architectural Digest Germany, 2003. Original title: The Russia-House by Jo Durden-Smith. Genre: Drama. Translated from English into German

Now translating

Riikka Jäntti: Little Mouse 4-5

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