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Academic degree

MA, University of Helsinki, 2007 (Finnish Language and Culture)

Additional subject-specific studies

Translation and interpretation of English, minor subject in HU

Multilingual professional communication, minor subject in HU

Estonian language and culture, minor subject in HU (student exchange programme in University of Tartu)

Finnish-Estonian-Finnish translator seminar (FILI, Estonian Literature Centre 2010, Helsinki)

Finncon-Animecon scifi, fantasy and comics translation workshop (Burning Bridge Literary Agency 2011, Turku)

Translation seminar of literature for children and young people (FILI 2011, Helsinki)

'Translator's Word' world conference (FILI 2012, Helsinki)

Finnish-Estonian translator masterclass (FILI, Finnish Institute in Estonia, Tallinn 2013-2015) and Masterclass final seminar (FILI 2015, Helsinki)

Training seminar for Finnish non-fiction translators (FILI 2019, Helsinki)


Interests and specialisation

Fiction, Prose, Drama, Literature for children and young people, Comics, Crime/detective, Non-fiction

List of translations

Josefiina, a short story (in collection of short stories). SA Kultuurileht, 2015. Original title: Armastus (Love), collection of short stories by Maria Jotuni. Genre: Prose.

Kollivalve (Monster Nanny). Tiritamm, 2017. Original title: Mörkövahti by Tuutikki Tolonen. Genre: Literature for children and young people.

Ingerisoomlaste ajalugu (History of Ingrian Finns). Soome Kultuuri Edendamise Sihtasutus, 2016. Original title: Inkerin suomalaisten historia by Inkeriläisten Sivistyssäätiö (several authors). Genre: Non-fiction.

Poiss, kes kaotas mälu. Tiritamm, 2019. Original title: Poika joka menetti muistinsa by Kreetta Onkeli. Genre: Literature for children and young people.

Now translating

Mörköreitti by Tuutikki Tolonen

I will be pleased to write reader’s reports.

Updated: 27.8.2019