Susanne Triesch


Mother tongue


Translates from


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Other language skills

English, French


Academic degree

M.A., University of Cologne, 2021 (Finnish studies, English studies)
M.A , University of Leipzig, 2018 (Translation studies)
B.A. , University of Greifswald, 2016 (Finnish Studies; Anglophone Studies)

Additional subject-specific studies

ViceVersa translation Workshop, June 2022
Literary translation mentoring programm, FILI, 2021
M.A. thesis: open personal reference in Finnish prose and their German translation, Cologne University, 2021
Course for beginning literary translators, FILI, 2021


Interests and specialisation

Fiction, Prose, Non-fiction, Communications, Language

List of translations

Geflügelte Erinnerungen. Jahrbuch für finnisch–deutsche Literaturbeziehungen, 2022 . Original title: Muistojenlukija by Elina Rouhiainen. Genre: Literature for children and young people. sample translation, publication upcoming

Toni Nieminen - Mensch und Olympiaheld. Audiomaa, 2023. Original title: Toni Nieminen – Olympiasankari ja ihminen by Toni Nieminen, Jani Uotila. Genre: Non-fiction. together with Claudia Nierste and Ilse Winkler

I will be pleased to write reader’s reports.

Päivitetty: 26.9.2023