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Nil Deniz Cidanli




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Chinese, English, Estonian, Spanish


Academic degree

BA, University of Tallinn, 2014 (Liberal Arts in Humanities/Comparitive Literature and Philosophy)
Summer University, Helsinki University, 2015 (Cross-cultural Communication)
Exchange, University of Helsinki, 2015 (Finnish Literature and Classical Philosophy)
Exchange, University of Lisbon, 2016 (Humanities)
Avoinyliopisto, Helsingin Avoinyliopisto, 2011 (World Film History)

Additional subject-specific studies

Thesis: Queer Reading of Garth Grenwell's novel What Belongs to You, 2018

Trainings: Cross-cultural education programme via AISEC in Finland (, 2011

Finnish-Turkish translator workshop, FILI, 2017

Research interests: Contemporary Estonian and Finnish children's literature

Cross-cultural education (language teaching to immigrants)



Interests and specialisation

Crime/detective, Fantasy & science fiction, Non-fiction, Anthropology, Archeology, Architecture, Art, Art history, Astronomy, Communications, Conservation, Demography, Economics, Geography, History, Industrial art, Language, Law, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Pedagogy and education, Philosophy, Photography and movies, Political science, Psychology, Publishing, Religion, Social policy, Sociology, Theatre and dance

List of translations

Gece Kitabı. Sedir Yayınevi, 2015. Original title: Yökirja by Mauri Kunnas. Genre: Children’s picture books.

Eğlenceli Tekerlekler. Sedir Yayınevi, 2015. Original title: Hurjan Hauska Autokirja by Mauri Kunnas. Genre: Children’s picture books.

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