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English, German


Academic degree

BA in Foreign Languages and Literature , University of Bologna, Italy , 2022 (Finnish Literature - thesis about Johanna Sinisalo's "Enkelten verta" and its relationship with both mythology and ecocriticism)

Additional subject-specific studies

Finnish language and culture summer course in Turku, EDUFI, 2019.
Translation seminar in Firenze, FILI, 2019.
Finnish - Italian translators training, FILI, 2021.
Fellowship- seminar and Helsinki book fair, FILI, 2021.
Training in the translation of children's and young people's literature, Helsinki and Tampere, FILI, 2021.
Trainee at Taidemuseo Eemil and Lastu, Lapinlahti - Suomea Suomessa, may - october 2022
Mentorointiohjelma, FILI, february - october 2022


Interests and specialisation

Fiction, Prose, Drama, Literature for children and young people, Comics, Fantasy & science fiction, Non-fiction, History, Language, Literature, Music, Theatre and dance

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