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Ilse Winkler



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English, French, Moldavan, Romanian


Academic degree

MA German/English; MA Finnish, Timisoara (Romania); Greifswald (Germany)/Helsinki (Finland), 1988; 2017 (Word field 'seeing'; Sillanpääs 'Hurskas kurjuus' and its translations)

Additional subject-specific studies

Summer language course, CIMO, 2016

Translators' course, FILI, 2017

FILI's mentoring program 2018


Interests and specialisation

Fiction, Prose, Drama, Literature for children and young people, Comics, Crime/detective, Non-fiction, Architecture, Art, Art history, History, Industrial art, Language, Literature, Philosophy, Publishing, Social policy

List of translations

Gewissen. German-Finnish literature yearbook, 2018. Original title: Omatunto by Juhani Aho. Genre: Prose. In the yearbook there is going to be pubished only a fragment.

Der unbekannte Kimi Räikkönen. Lübbe, 2018. Original title: Tuntematon Kimi Räikkönen by Kari Hotakainen. Genre: Non-fiction. together with Gabriele Schrey-Vasara

Himmelsträger. Hans-Werner-Richter-Stiftung, 2016. Original title: Taivaankantaja by Riikka Pelo. Genre: Prose. Translated together with a group of other students

Die Kreislinge. Rounders Entertainment, 2017. Original title: Ympyräiset by Mari Korkeamäki. Genre: Children’s picture books.

Das Russlandhaus. Architectural Digest Germany, 2003. Original title: The Russia-House by Jo Durden-Smith. Genre: Drama. Translated from English into German

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