Mother tongue

English, Finnish

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Other language skills

German, Italian, Japanese, Russian


Academic degree

MA, Queen Mary, University of London, 2013 (English)

Additional subject-specific studies

FILI Mentoring Programme of Literary Translation into English (2016-2017)
FILI Summer Seminar of Literary Translation in Finland (2017)


Interests and specialisation

Fiction, Prose, Poetry, Drama, Literature for children and young people, Comics, Crime/detective, Fantasy & science fiction, Non-fiction, Anthropology, Archeology, Architecture, Art, Art history, Astronomy, Communications, Conservation, Demography, Economics, Geography, History, Industrial art, Language, Law, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Pedagogy and education, Philosophy, Photography and movies, Political science, Psychology, Publishing, Religion, Social policy, Sociology, Theatre and dance

List of translations

Belgrade Noir. Akashic Books, New York, 2020. Original title: Belgrade Noir by Kati Hiekkapelto et al (short story collection). Genre: Prose. A short story anthology about Belgrade

The Olive-Green Rucksack. Jaana Johansson, 2018. Original title: Oliivinvihreä reppu by Jaana Johansson. Genre: Prose.

Now translating

Various works of prose and poetry

I will be pleased to write reader’s reports.

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